Puckey’s Estate - Wollongong

Hidden behind the main thoroughfare of Squires Way is a still and serene wood known as Puckey’s Estate. With the soft melody of birds and the drawing in and out of waves on the other side, you are lulled onto the terracotta coloured path that leads into it. 

The trees open like windows so you can glimpse the slate coloured ocean and as the sun rises in the lavender sky.  An easy 1.5km it is a perfect walk for young and old and everyone in between.  With no cars and minimal bike traffic, it is perfect for guest to roam at their own pace or ride a bike through.  Be warned though that some of the wooden bridge does not have railings on one side. 

Its a place of special significance to the local Wodi Wodi people but it also holds historical significance for Wollongong as it namesake Courtney Puckey used the land as a salt mine and some of the buildings and homestead remain on the estate.

It is best enjoyed in the early morning light, in summer it provides a shaded retreat and in winter when it is protected from Wollongong’s afternoon winds. The walk ends with a wooden bridge that loops into the forest and leads out to Stuart Park. Head to the park to enjoy the amazing kid's playground or grab a coffee at the Lagoon Kiosk.  There is also a small gelato kiosk at the side offering a cold delicious treat to bribe discontented little walkers.