The terms and conditions of this letting contract as agreed to by both parties are as follows: Any infringement of these conditions permits the owner or agent to refuse keys, amend rent of premises, deduct damages and/or rent from the security bond held, or immediately terminate the tenancy.

1.     The person making the booking must stay in the property and will be held responsible for the conduct of all guests. The premises are let for holiday purposes only for the period stated on the final receipt.

2.     Each holiday property is equipped for a specific number of holiday makers. No mattresses, tents, caravans or more cars than the property accommodates are allowed, if this is not followed you may be asked to leave and no monies will be refunded to the guests. It is against Health Department regulations for more persons to occupy a property than there are beds to accommodate them. Please discuss your needs with our staff at the time of booking.

3.     If you wish to invite guests to the property that are not staying this must be done via written consent from the agent and all invited guests must vacate the property by 10pm.  The person making the booking is fully responsible for any damage and conduct of the guests.

4.     All holiday premises are available from 2pm on the day of arrival and are to be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. (Alternate arrangements are often made for Sunday departures). A late checkout can be requested and will be accommodated where possible. Please request a late checkout at the time of booking if required. Should your keys be returned after the designated departure time you will incur extra charges.

5.     A deposit of half the tariff plus $40 booking fee is to be paid within forty eight (48) hours of booking. For bookings less than $1,000 full payment is required. Non-payment of this deposit will be deemed a cancellation of the requested booking. The balance of rent must be paid fourteen (14) days prior to arrival. Bookings made within fourteen (14) days of arrival must be paid in full.

6.    The premises are to be left in a clean and tidy condition upon departure. Please ensure dishes, pots and pans etc. are washed and put back into cupboards. Failure to do so will incur a charge for extra cleaning which will be deducted from your security bond. If a BBQ is provided at the property, a cleaning fee will apply if not left clean. This is a vacating checklist at the property which should be followed.



7.     CANCELLATION within three (3) months of arrival will incur full forfeit of all monies paid, unless the property is re-let, then an administration fee of $100 applies. ALL CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN WRITING. If you shorten your stay the unused portion of your rental is non-refundable.

8.     All bookings are made in good faith by our office and may be subject to change. While we cannot accept responsibility for actions taken by the owner of the premises outside our control, we will endeavour to assist you. Tariffs are reassessed annually.

9.     Pets are not permitted on or inside the premises unless the property is advertised as “pet friendly” and the owner has provided permission for your nominated pet(s) to stay. In this case the person booking agrees to pay for any damages or extra cleaning charges incurred as result of their pet. In the event your pet(s) are permitted on the property no responsibility will be taken by Emerald + Aqua or the owner of the premises for the welfare/safety of your animal(s)

10.  All damages, breakages or losses to the property, furniture or furnishings are to be reported to the agent and paid for by the guest immediately. Should you discover a default or breakage when you arrive please advise our office or we will consider those the responsibility of the current guest and charge accordingly. If there are signs of tampering with the owners private cupboards on departure it will be treated as break and enter and will be dealt with accordingly.

11.  Lost keys – A $55 fee will be charged if agents are called out after 5.00pm Monday – Friday or on Saturday or Sunday due to misplaced or lost keys. Because of security reasons we are unable to provide a call out service for keys after 9.00pm. If keys are lost, all locks must be changed at a cost to the holiday guest.

12.  One set of keys only will be issued per property.



Please read the attached policy on noise, parties and disturbance to neighbours.

We have a Zero Tolerance policy in regards to parties and noise disturbance to neighbours

13.  Parties and functions are strictly prohibited. The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial. Accordingly this rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc.

14.  A ‘Party’ is defined as but not limited to (a) guests making excessive noise after 10pm that causes neighbours to complain to our staff, security company or the police. 

(b) When extra guests are invited to the property without consent in writing from the agent (c) When consent is given if those guests do not vacate the property at 10pm.

(d) If there is arguing, coarse language fighting or antisocial behaviour

15.  A noise complaint from the neighbours to our staff, Security Company or the police may result in a Noise Complaint Fee of your full bond of a $1000.00. We maintain a zero tolerance policy to disturbing neighbours. This covers noise as a result of any activity on the property after 10pm that cause disturbance or annoyance to neighbours.

16.  If neighbours advise of additional guests at the property you will be charged a per head fee for each guest unless prior consent is obtained from the agent and is given in writing.

17.  We strictly do NOT allow bucks, hens or schoolies bookings. If you are found to have booked the property for this purpose you will be asked to vacate immediately without refund of your tariff or bond.

18.  In line with clause number 12 - should there be any noise disturbance or concern for the welfare of the property Wollongong City Security will be called to attend to the property. They may be contacted either by a staff member of our office or afterhours by a neighbouring property. In this instance the call out fee of $77.00 per visit will be charged to your nominated credit card or security deposit. If no effort is made to adhere to warnings or the conditions of letting are seriously breached, ChaMello Pty Ltd trading as Emerald + Aqua have the right to cancel the booking effective immediately. This will result in immediate eviction and/or additional charges plus a $500.00 per night party fee.

19.  Guests can be evicted for the following reasons;

-       Noise complaint from neighbours after 10pm

-       Extra people staying at the property beyond the properties listing

-       Arguing, fighting or antisocial behaviour

-       Damage to the property

-       Inviting guests to the property who are not staying without written permission

20.  If guests refuse to leave a Wollongong City Security guard will be placed at the property for the duration of the guests stay and charged back to their bond

21.  Strata Title Law must be observed. Please note you are in a residential area and regard must be paid to the quiet enjoyment of other occupants in the building and in neighbouring properties. Disturbance to the neighbours, including excessive noise is prohibited and may result in immediate eviction and/or additional charges.

22.  No responsibility is taken for guest’s personal property left on the premises. Landlord’s insurance does not cover loss of guest’s belongings.

23.  In the event the property is offered for sale, the guest agrees to allow the owner or their agent access to inspect the property with prospective purchasers during reasonable hours by appointment. The agent cannot be held responsible should a property be sold and the booking cancelled. All endeavours to find alternative accommodation will be made by the agent.

24.  No provision can or will be made for relocation if accommodation is deemed unsatisfactory on arrival other than on the basis that the full rental due be forfeited and full rental on a new premises is paid prior to occupancy. Guests must accept premises “as booked” and cannot be relocated. We are careful not to misrepresent any rental property. NO REFUND IS GIVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR ACCOMMODATION.

25.  The agent endeavours to have any repairs to appliances attended to as soon as possible after reporting them. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. having to order parts or non-availability of trades people) the immediate repair may be beyond our control. No responsibility is accepted by the agent for these unforeseen circumstances. There will be no refunds or discounts deducted from tariffs for unusable appliances awaiting repair.

26.  The security deposit is $1000 ($1500 for some properties)

27.  Payable on or before arrival. This is payable by credit card, direct deposit or money order. We are unable to issue keys until payment has been made. The preferred method is pre-authorisation on credit card (Amex and Diners Club not accepted) Following a successful inspection of the premises after check-out, the security bond will be cancelled and the hold on the money released. Any other form of payment for security bonds will be returned within 14 days by cheque or direct deposit.

28.  Security bonds. Funds will be deducted from the security deposit if we need to make a claim which may include, but is not limited to the following: excess cleaning charges, damages or breakages, excess garbage removal, late checkout, telephone calls (where applicable) Where the total amount claimed for damages exceeds $150, an agents fee of $50 applies.

29.  This office will not be held responsible for any noise from construction work occurring close to holiday properties.

30.  Smoking is not permitted in the property at any time. If it is found that the property has been smoked in, the tenants will be charged the cost to have the walls of the property washed and the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorised.



1.     The balance of all monies must be forwarded to the agent 30 days (1 month) prior to arrival. Failure to do so will be considered a cancellation of booking. No reminders will be issued.

2.     CANCELLATION within three (3) months of arrival will incur full forfeit of all monies paid, unless the property is re-let, then an administration fee of $100 applies. ALL CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN WRITING. If you shorten your stay the unused portion of your rental is non-refundable.

3.     Bookings made within 1 month of arrival require full payment upon booking.



I agree to a $1000 Pre-Authorisation of my credit card to be held by ChaMelloPty Ltd trading as Emerald + Aqua as a security deposit. I authorise any charges to be debited to this provided card in the event of any loss or expense arising from a breach of my agreement to rent the property, damage to the property or my occupation of the property. All charges will be clearly documented back to guests with a breakdown of charges, invoices and photographs if applicable.