Bulli Accommodation – Bulli Lifestyle 


Well known as a surfer’s paradise Bulli has evolved from a quiet coal town to luxury enclave of million dollar homes with billion dollar views.  A day in Bulli must begin by taking in the sunrise from Sandon Point not only do the golden rays shimmer in spectacular fashion over the water but the curving bays of the whole coastline are revealed from the vantage point.  Grab a coffee from The Point café and settle in for the Saturday morning ParkRun and cheer on young and old as joggers, run and race by.  Plan a day at Bulli beach and choose from walking its long picturesque sands or building sand castles as the little nippers run by.  Or try swimming laps in the ocean pool or running down the sand hills at full speed while squealing of course.  Head to Ruby’s café for lunch (it is an institution) with good food and friendly locals.  Mount your bikes for a leisurely and flat ride to Wollongong and stop along the way for an ice cream or a quick dip. Dinner at the Bulli Beach Café is a must as a few chilled beverages taking in the views as the sun goes down. Our Bulli accommodation will ensure that you get the best beauty sleep of your life so you can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

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