Coledale Accommodation – Coledale Lifestyle


Coledale is a quaint little village dotted with only a few shops and cafes it is a place to find pure peace with gorgeous rock pools, a lovely beach and a peacefulness that is unmistakable.  A day in Coledale is a chance to reset, rejuvenate and find that pleasurable slow pace of life.  Start the morning by ambling to the general store Earth Walker café for a strong and simple brew.  Walk along the rock pools watching the world wake up and discovering the mini-worlds within each crevasse of the rock platform and squeal as crab’s darts in and out of their hidey holes.  Follow the coast track either north or south for unbeatable views and calorie-busting hills.  If you head north you can stop for lunch at the Scarborough Hotel and fill up on enough carbs and sugar to sustain you for the walk back.  Head back to your Coledale accommodation for a siesta and then to Mr and Mrs Smith for a leisurely dinner matched with some delicious wines. Discover more about Coledale here.

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