Team at Emerald + Aqua Wollongong

Emerald + Aqua specifically (and expertly) manage holiday homes in Wollongong.  Our business is guest focused because everything good flows from he or she who has had a magnificent holiday. Our team is made of Tanya (curator of happiness) and Greg (marketing maven and IT Whiz kid). 

The Story So Far

The team at Emerald + Aqua are travellers.  We have trekked, walked, chased buses, slept on trains and stayed in every imaginable abode from luxury palace to thatched huts.  We understand that when you take a journey whether for a weekend away or an escape to the seashore - where you stay sets the tone. 

It should be unique, memorable, comfortable and help you connect with the landscape.

When we moved to the Illawarra five years ago we were struck by its incredible beauty - being cradled between the emerald escarpment and the aqua expanse of the sea.

Everyday felt like a holiday and so Emerald + Aqua was born.  Knowing that you are busy and your holiday can be a life line from the hectic pace of life – we have done all the hard yards.

We hand pick and curate properties, buff them to a shine and ensure the comfortable rating is high so when you arrive, your shoulders can drop and your worries can be cured by the sun, sea and sand.

Nice to Meet You

Tanya Demello
Director of Client Relations

EMERALD symbolizes hope, inspiration and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty

As the self-appointed curator of happiness – I am here to help. My job is finding beautiful homes and matching them up with exhausted holiday makers. Ensuring that they check-out with their bliss restored and a deep love of the south coast.  Easy right! 

Having trawled cities and rural villages for unique places to stay that not only looked good, but felt and smelt good too I have taken all the courses in discomfort and uber-luxury (you can thank me later) to understand what makes a holiday home feel like a new lover and a well-worn pair of socks at the same time.

Greg Channer
Managing Director

AQUA Evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing

Having traversed every corner of the globe and had experiences that now feature in TV shows (you can thank me later) I was and always will be seeking connection so that I can walk the hidden paths and find the rare gems of a place.

The frontier I conquer for Emerald + Aqua is cyber space, developing our website, social media and marketing so that we can get to know and connect better with our guests.  Although I loved roaming my way around the globe as twenty something I have come to realise that once you have a career and kid’s time is you’re most valuable asset.  So I want you to find, book and make all your holiday plans with the couple of clicks of a button.